Android Mobile phone users Malware attack

The United States and Australia Android phone users are not happy. TangleBot is targetting all android phones. Cybercriminals have upgraded their art of cyber theft. They are now using new android malware to personal details. Moreover, they use hacked personal information to do other crimes like hacking to online baking. Covid-19 Luring messages by malware […]

Cybersecurity Tools

The Traditional Cybersecurity Tools’ Ineffectiveness Leaves CISOs Stressed

Cybersecurity tools are failing to detect or solve the rising cases of cyber threats. Today, more than ever, malware and other forms of threats are rapidly transforming. Even the slightest of modification makes them immune to detection. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, cyberattacks involved just 20% of unknown malware. Yet, during the pandemic, this number increased […]

Security Operation Centers

The 2021 CyberRes Report on Security Operation Centers

The pandemic period has disturbed security operation centers. Over 85 percent of them have raised their spending during this period. Survey shows Security operations centers work smartly. About 40 percent of people are willing to use security solutions. Database of IT decision-makers were among those who participated. Over 520 people took part in the study. […]


T-Mobile information and data is exposed, and over 40 million customers identity have fallen into the wrong hands

T-Mobile US announced it had experienced a data breach. Furthermore, the corporation announced that it is examining the deadly cyber-attack on its computer systems. An online site informed the mobile company about the attack. However, the cyber security team’s tireless efforts paid off. They were able to close all breaches. Specifically, it included access points […]


The ITG18 group specifics raised in the course of Black Hat USA 2021 meeting.

A pair of IBM X-Force presented details about the state-sponsored hackers, ITG18. It happened during the Black Hat USA 2021 hearing. Phosphorus, Charming Kitten, and TA453 all have strategies, approaches, and processes that relate to this group. “ITG18” leaves open records, as stated by IBM X-Force senior threat hunt analyst Richard Emerson. It also allows […]


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