Sunday, December 10, 2023

Android Mobile phone users Malware attack

The United States and Australia Android phone users are not happy. TangleBot is targetting all android phones. Cybercriminals have upgraded their art of cyber theft. They are now using new android malware to personal details. Moreover, they use hacked personal information to do other crimes like hacking to online baking.

Covid-19 Luring messages by malware

Unfortunately, the malware is using covid-19 tricks like getting more information on regulations. SMS, text message smishing TangleBot is luring users with covid-19 regulations tricks. A few years ago, the TangleBot used to steal just short messages. It was after a majority of people shifted to the internet cyber criminals upgraded it. It has more functionalities to fit modern world technology. TangleBot can do many criminal activities once it gets to Android Phone.

Malware Control on phone

Researchers have found out that malware has more functions that are powerful. In addition, it controls most android mobile functions from contacts to internal phone capabilities. Therefore, the TangleBot can get into all phone’s files and information. With all these capabilities, experts refer to it as the moniker TangleBot for its much control over the device’s functions.

In addition, is has a high-level functionality of controlling mobile device interaction. Moreover, it can control any apps interaction in android mobile devices. It uses screens that overlay each other, disguising the screen for applications.  Therefore, it makes it easy for it to steal financial apps login details. They do these by getting into logs and activities on android phones.

How malware starts

First, the malware sends trickery corona regulations messages updates. In addition, they may send a confirmation message for the third vaccine dose. It contains a click button having a hyperlink. It urges the android user to click. Then after clicking, it brings a pop-up notification of an outdated Adobe flash player. Moreover, it allows one to update. When one click updates, then the TangleBot malware is installed on the Android mobile phone.

Secondly, after installation, it is granted access to totally everything.  That is how it gets to control the Android phone. After malware gets into the android phone, it can do tons of different activities. It controls all Phone functionalities. The hackers and cybercriminals will be able to control the phone too. They will have access to private and personal information

It can get all SMS messages and everything on android phones. With GPS access, malware can leak the location. Hackers have been exploiting this for close to a month. The impact could be much more than what is on the public. Users are warned not to update or download any software from unknown sources. TangleBot has successfully done all these due to the use of credible covid-19 information.

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