Sunday, December 10, 2023

CISO: The Master Of Cyber Security

It is ideal for organizations to understand that an engaged CISO can effectively oversee security risks and grow the business.

Chief Information Security Officers play an essential role in organizations now. With modern technology, more insecurity needs to be tackled to keep your company’s private data safe.

Traditionally, CISOs have been the ones to be blamed for any technological breach. Since the responsibility of data security falls on CISOs, it is only appropriate to hold them accountable and make them face the consequences.

However, now that companies understand the importance of cybersecurity, this is starting to change radically. When a company is dealing with a security breach, the CISO is the one to swoop in, save the day, and enjoy the applaud.

A case in point is one where a security company experienced a breach. The product that the security team had was modified by the CISO, which decreased the damage level. This step taken by the CISO changed this breach into a smaller incident making it easy to manage and block.

When the incident happened, the security and product teams worked together to create more strong firewalls.

In tandem, the CISO was updating the executives and board continuously, containing details of the security team’s modifications and how they made a difference in this incident. He also clarified how the organization’s products were changed to block attackers and how they were connected with security products from different organizations to improve the blocks’ speed.

At this point, development executives applauded the CISO instead of punishing him for the attack made. They appreciated his modified developments and then placed the CISO into a more extensive product development role that eventually expanded its business.

This case shows how a CISO can efficiently and effectively take charge and prevent further damage from happening. With CISO on top of security operations, data loss prevention, and cyber intelligence, the company can focus on growing its industry by developing highly secured products instead of focusing on security breaches.

What It Takes to Be a Modern CISO

Cybersecurity is integral for any company because modern technology is evolving faster for hackers than for privacy. It is nearly impossible for any CISO to provide 100% protection to the company’s data.

Perhaps senior leadership and directors are now beginning to realize the reality, or maybe they only now understand that a fruitful reaction to a breach contributes to the event’s ultimate understanding and response.

However, being a modern CISO is not limited to just security nowadays. Modern CISOs need to have a skill set that goes beyond the limits of technology.

A CISO needs to guide the company towards a proactive way to deal with security, oversee risk, and make recommendations in front of the board on cyber dangers while giving a security strategy.

Not only this, but CISOs should be well-aware of industry strategies and promote security as an essential investment. The CISO should hold the communication skills needed to engage with the stakeholders and recognize opportunities to add value.

A CISO likewise needs to act as a teacher, coach, and engage with both technology teams. He should recognize business goals and be convincing enough for leaders to recognize the significance of investing in security.

The role of CISO’s in a company is quite apparent. Their ability to gauge cyber-risk, predict threats, and use the best strategies to tackle and attack makes them an essential employee.

Moreover, they have the skill of forming an ideal group of employees, technologies, and processes. With the resources available, they provide perfect protection. This mix is what enhances security and promotes business.

Now that more industries acknowledge the importance of security, the skills and expertise of a CISO are widely demanded. With the trend of online businesses and technology involved in every field, an expert team is highly required.

However, if the company is under attack, the distinction between success and disappointment lies in how much the company has enabled the CISO and his team to make the fundamental steps. Without putting a stop on their resources or stepping in where it is not needed. 

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