Tuesday, October 3, 2023

A new beginning for federal CISO Chris DeRusha

It is a new beginning for a man who was a cybersecurity official during president Obama’s administration. Although the white house is yet to officially give an official statement on this, Chris DeRusha will now serve President Biden administration in a new role as a federal chief information security officer, this has been confirmed by Maria Roat, who is federal chief information officer (CIO) when she tweeted greetings to DeRusha as new CISO.

Derusha’s past experience

During Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, Chris was the top cybersecurity official helping in putting hackers at bay, a task he undertook and accomplished well by preventing suspected Chinese hackers who tried unsuccessfully. He was also part of the Biden-Harris transition team that was responsible for every technological strategy be it social media, cybersecurity, or any other. He has all that needed to take up this mantle to a greater future ahead.

DeRusha is not coming to a total green territory; he has been working in this environment for many years, having served in the capacity of cybersecurity adviser in the office of Biden when he was vice president.

Responsibilities of CISO

CISO is under management and budget office. It is a post created during the Obama administration to help the white house have more control over federal agencies on security matters and also put more focus on matters concerning cybersecurity. Federal CISO closely works with other security chiefs. As a lead cybersecurity strategist of the federal government, he will a bridge between the white house and the department of homeland security and defense. He will also be a liaison between the Director of the National Intelligence Office and agencies’ CISOs for all federal cybersecurity activities. His major task should help the white house know if there is any progress in securing their network without any cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

New cyber team

He joins a new cyber team appointed by our new president. These are; Anne Neuberger, deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology a new office created recently, Michael Sulmeyer, appointed in the office of senior director for cyber, and lastly Rob Joyce as a director of the NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate. The U.S. Senate has confirmed another addition to the cyber team after approving Avril Haines as director of national intelligence. This group is not new to government but has vast knowledge and experience that will help the government accomplish its mandate without fail.

Task ahead

His predecessor, Camilo Sandoval had a hard time with Former President Donald Trump when he was forced by circumstances to go for two weeks leave of absence to pave way for investigation of a claim that was publicly made by Trump about election voting fraud. Sandoval’s time in office as federal CISO was short-lived, it only lasted for two weeks, this shows how this post is a hot seat and needs to be taken with seriousness and respect it deserves.

New beginning

It is a new dawn, it is a new beginning for Chris DeRusha and the whole cybersecurity team, and we wish them all the best as they settle and start securing federal networks for the new government in place.

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