Thursday, June 8, 2023

How are CISO Roles Evolving: Major CISO Trends

CISOs are an integral part of any organization or company that wants to secure its assets. With changing security dynamics, the roles of CISOs are also upgrading. They have to take more responsibilities than ever to ensure the right governance and security practices.

According to a BT Security Survey, 45% of the employees did not report a cyber incident that happened in their surveillance. The company executives are also admitting that their company faced more cyber-attacks and data breaches in recent two years.

So how these increasing threats impact the duties of CISOs? New major trends are being formed, and CISOs have to stay proactive in order to prevent any security incidents.

Cyber Training is Crucial for Employees

Cyber attackers constantly exploit employee’s weaknesses to get access to sensitive data. Surprisingly, around half of the employee respondents received data security training, but still, only three out of one person had proper knowledge about data policies, procedures, and necessary steps to protect an organization’s data.

The BT Research further expanded on employees’ responses in case of a cyber incident. According to the study, over 45% did not report the cyber incidents at all, while 15% claim that they have shared their organizational credentials with other staff members and colleagues.

In this situation, CISOs have to step-in for more frequent cyber training to make employees responsible for their actions. A little irresponsibility or lack of cyber knowledge can put an organization’s security infrastructure at stake.

Consumers are now also inclined towards those organizations that take proper measures to keep their data safe. Some consumers even chose security as a top priority while keeping convenience on the second spot.

Security even becomes a bigger concern when only 16% of consumers actually trust big organizations to protect their data and privacy while others have some doubts about the security of big companies as many of them have already faced data breaches and cyber threats over the spawn of past few years.

 Evolving CISO Responsibilities

CISO has kept its responsibilities pretty simple. Their main has been to protect organizations against major threats while doing risk management. However, trends are now completely changed, and CISOs have to do a lot more for protecting an organization’s security.

The employees are a weak security chain that most cyber attackers try to break. CISOs need to communicate with these employees on regular basis to keep them updated about the latest threats and types of attacks that are circulating in the industry. They need to engage with their employees to make strategic security decisions from complete security.

A CISO must be a good communicator to whom his employees would listen. Less than half of the employees claimed that their CISO doesn’t communicate with employees or the rest of the organizations.

The cybersecurity domain is evolving very fast, and so are cyber threats. Hence, cyber trainings should be arranged on a more frequent basis to keep employees updated about the latest challenges, and CISOs need to be responsible in this situation if they seriously care about the security infrastructure of a company.

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