Sunday, December 10, 2023

CISOs Push for Security Strategies to Curb Online Threats During Remote Working

CISOs’ role in the evolving work environment is increasing day by day. With the vast cases of online threats, CISOs are putting extra effort into protection. Additionally, with the Covid-19 pandemic and remote working, cybersecurity is even more demanding.

Remote work means connecting workers to sensitive data. It also demands the strictest of productivity practices. And according to a recent panel of multinational CISOS, ransomware attacks are increasing as well.

Why Is CISOs Role in Demand?

The Proofpoint virtual meeting highlighted the significant areas calling for the CISOs attention. For one, cases of criminal ransomware attacks are becoming a threat. This is true especially now when remote working is the order of the day.

Nearly two-thirds of CISOs are worried that their companies are in danger of cyberattacks. This is according to Proofpoint survey of over 13,000 CISOs. That is why CISOS’s role is needed now more than ever. The CISOs are also needed to take part in vital business conversations.

CISOs Role in Curbing the Threats

One vital CISOs role is securing organizations against advanced cyber threats. Yet, they also have the burden of ensuring the workers deliver as required in a secure way. Zurich Insurance company, for instance, before the pandemic, invested in sophisticated protection methods. Tools like cloud and VPN tools are some of the areas the company invested in. Similarly, CISOs from other organizations should rely on modernized network protection methods like these.

But, the CISOs role in protecting organizations will depend on their decisions. That is securing a mobile, remote and efficient workforce with the best security. For instance, today, healthcare CISOs are pushing for advancements in telehealth alternatives. This is something that has not been as explosive as it is now, according to Martin Littman.

The current telehealth transformations to improve operations and service patients are vital. These advancements are much-needed to improve productivity. Furthermore, they must also boost the maintenance of secure connections for confidential medical information.

The CTO and CISO at Kelsey Seybold Clinic, Littman, highlighted what they had to do to ensure efficient and safe telehealth services. But, first, they had to increase the awareness of the need for licenses. This was vital, especially when local clinics in Houston were being targeted. Not only that, but they also offered education on multi-factor authentication.

The CISOs role was also evident in how they shared information amongst themselves. For example, one area they shared ideas on was data backup and overall cybersecurity. And the CISOs deliver this by doing multiple copies on several systems. They also work on the administrator accounts and keys to reduce cases of ransomware.

Final Words

Cyber threats are currently on the rise. With the increasing need for remote work, CISOs have a lot to do to ensure protection.

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