Sunday, December 10, 2023

Concerns Over Cloud Security as Azure Security Loophole Puts Companies at Risk

Azure clients may not be safe after all. Researchers from Wiz believe companies using this cloud security are at risk. According to them, an error with the system has exposed users to extensive levels of insecurities. For one, cybercriminals can manipulate, delete or do the unthinkable with the millions of data herein.

The Level of Risks Azure Clients Are Facing

The surprising thing is that this is not a new case. This security breach traces back to 2019. A time when Microsoft came up with an idea to add a feature called Jupyter Notebook. It was an addition to the Cosmos DB for customers to customize and view their data.

Later on, the feature automatically turned on by default. And this was the onset of bigger problems associated with misconfigurations. This gave attackers some level of privileges to access Azure clients’ information. With this, they could get full permission to manipulate data as it could fit them. In most cases, they could write and delete these details from the internet.

The Way Forward for Azure Clients

Amid all these, Microsoft did its part to warn Azure clients of the imminent threats. The cloud security giant advised customers to consider regenerating their certificate keys. Not only that, but the agency also offered guidance that clients can read from its website.

Microsoft also maintained that despite the revelations from Wiz, the flaw was impossible. They said that this technique is potent enough to be vulnerable to malicious actions. As was expected, they also denied any knowledge of such a level of vulnerability from the system. According to them, no customer has lost information due to the claimed loophole.

Experts are worried that this security vulnerability could expose clients to more harm. Since Microsoft is one of the top cloud providers, a large scale of customers is at risk. And as Ami Luttwak puts it, ”it could be catastrophic if attackers can alter millions of data from the world’s biggest cloud security company.

Final Words

Now, other experts believe this is a wake-up call for cloud security users to do more on their end. They should not only rely on cloud providers but should also use a storage layer. It will be an excellent idea if they encrypt cloud data to avoid any risk. Another thing these enterprises could consider using is immutable backups. That way, they can prevent cases of attackers alternating data. It will also allow them to recover data in the event of ransomware.

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