Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Reasons Why CISO Needs Security Operations, Automation, and Orchestration (SOAR)

Prioritization and Predictability

Cyber Security threats are increasing in magnitude and complexity. Diversification of cyber threats should push the CISO to put in place tools and infrastructure that will protect company resources at all times. SOARs come with threat intelligence, security operations, and an immediate response plan. CISO will require SOAR to prioritize the primary or most prevalent threats and act on them swiftly. Also, SOAR will enable him to predict future threats and put measures to safeguard company resources against such risks.

Security Force Multiplier

The CISO may require SOAR to diversify its security strategies and enforce them in a manner that will be effective. Force Multiplication is the business principle that states that collective effort leads to results multiplication. In this case, the CISO must work collaboratively with every stakeholder to identify security loopholes and act in earnest. SOARs come with structured workflows that orchestrate all employees’ work into providing information that will be beneficial to the CISO. Furthermore, the CISO may use SOAR to coordinate the organization’s workflow into fulfilling the desired goal.

Management of Processes

Cybersecurity management calls for very many processes that must be coordinated in a certain way to achieve results. As a CISO, you will be required to strengthen your operations. SOAR helps you accomplish this by automating these processes, prioritizing activities, and dealing with cyber-related issues. Automation of Cyber management processes reduces the need for non-relevant IT staff, helping the organization save on resources. Also, adequately managed operations will enable the CISO to identify gaps in the security infrastructure and place the best strategies.

Improved Efficiency

For many years, many activities and functions have always been manual, with a massive load of human labor that often do not meet the expected requirements. With SOAR, a CISO can manage the operations under his watch through automation and orchestration. Automated processes are faster, efficient, and useful. They save an organization a lot of time and often bring out better results. With SOAR, it is now possible to resettle passwords, isolate devices, install firewalls and deter attacks by identifying gaps. Furthermore, SOAR enables you to receive real-time information with additional guidelines on what you can do to improve operations within your firm.

Risk management

The biggest challenge CISOs face is trying to match business value with the inherent risks at their disposal—SOARs aid CISOs in achieving this goal by averting, reducing, and managing risks when they appear. Using SOAR, the company will save a significant amount of resources as most gaps are identified much earlier. Once a solution is found, the orchestration and automation of SOAR reflect the impact of threat intelligence.

Challenges faced by CISOs will not disappear today. With improved technology and advanced security breaches, their responsibility increases. SOAR will not completely eradicate these challenges but will significantly ease the role of CISOs in Cyber Security operations, hence influencing business outcomes positively.

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